Who is using Azure? Alphabetical list of websites using Azure technology

What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

What websites use Azure?


2021-04-11 02:48:32.913173+00:00

Built with Azure, Google Analytics, IIS, Microsoft ASP NET, Windows Server, YouTube.

Read more about 100.asaecenter.org


2021-04-05 23:02:25.263666+00:00

Built with Azure.

Read more about 1drv.ms


2021-04-13 05:39:08.052637+00:00

Built with AddThis, Azure, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Google Analytics, jQuery, jsDelivr, Lodash, Moat.

Read more about 500years.royalmailgroup.com


2021-04-15 14:16:52.521394+00:00

Built with AOS, Azure, Bootstrap, Cloudflare, Font Awesome, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, jQuery, Swiper Slider, Vimeo.

Read more about 80th.naacpldf.org


2020-12-27 10:20:27.308112+00:00

Built with Azure, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, IIS, Microsoft 365, Microsoft ASP NET, Windows Server.

Read more about aacncareercenter.org

Alternatives to Azure

  1. Acquia Cloud Platform
  2. Amazon Web Services
  3. Appian
  4. Atlassian Statuspage
  5. Fing
  6. Flywheel
  7. GitHub Pages
  8. Heroku
  9. Kinsta
  10. Lagoon
  11. Liquid Web
  12. Netlify
  13. OXID eShop Enterprise Edition
  14. Pagely
  15. Pantheon
  16. Platform sh
  17. PlatformOS
  18. Pressable
  19. Seravo
  20. SiteGround
  21. Spryker
  22. Starhost
  23. Vercel
  24. WP Engine
  25. WordPress VIP
  26. WordPress com
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