Who is using ExpertRec? Alphabetical list of websites using ExpertRec technology

What is ExpertRec?

ExpertRec is a collaborative Web search engine, which allows users share search histories through a web browser.

What websites use ExpertRec?


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Built with ExpertRec, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, IIS, jQuery, Let's Encrypt, Microsoft ASP NET, reCAPTCHA, Windows Server.

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Alternatives to ExpertRec

  1. Algolia
  2. Athena Search
  3. Awesomplete
  4. Bloomreach Search & Merchandising
  5. Elasticsearch
  7. FAST Search for SharePoint
  8. Fact Finder
  9. Kibana
  10. Klevu
  11. Luigi’s Box
  12. Searchspring
  13. Swiftype
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