Who is using Facebook Login? Alphabetical list of websites using Facebook Login technology

What is Facebook Login?

Facebook Login is a way for people to create accounts and log into your app across multiple platforms.

What websites use Facebook Login?


2021-06-09 11:54:39.593529+00:00

Built with Azure, Cart Functionality, Facebook, Facebook Login, Google Analytics, IIS, jQuery, Microsoft 365, Microsoft ASP NET, Moment js, Sectigo, Windows Server.

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2021-05-20 15:04:35.862048+00:00

Built with Bootstrap, Drupal, Facebook, Facebook Login, FancyBox, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Workspace, jQuery, Nginx, OWL Carousel, PHP, YouTube.

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2021-05-12 00:01:32.819749+00:00

Built with Choices, Crazy Egg, Facebook, Facebook Login, Google Analytics, Google Font API, Joomla, jQuery, Modernizr, Nginx, Osano, PHP, Sucuri, VideoJS.

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Alternatives to Facebook Login

  1. Apple Sign-in
  2. GetSocial
  3. Google Sign-in
  4. Linkedin Sign-in
  5. Login with Amazon
  6. LoginRadius
  7. OneAll
  8. SAP Customer Data Cloud Sign-in
  9. Super Socializer
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