Who is using Fact Finder? Alphabetical list of websites using Fact Finder technology

What is Fact Finder?

Fact Finder is a platform which, combines search, navigation, and merchandising solutions to streamline online search and power sales.

What websites use Fact Finder?


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Built with Apache, basket js, Bootstrap, Cart Functionality, Fact Finder, Font Awesome, Google Tag Manager, jQuery, jQuery UI, OXID eShop.

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Alternatives to Fact Finder

  1. Algolia
  2. Apisearch
  3. Athena Search
  4. Awesomplete
  5. Bloomreach Search & Merchandising
  6. Elasticsearch
  7. ExpertRec
  9. FAST Search for SharePoint
  10. Findify
  11. Kibana
  12. Klevu
  13. Luigi’s Box
  14. Nuqlium
  15. Searchspring
  16. Swiftype
  17. Syte
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