Who is using mod_perl? Alphabetical list of websites using mod_perl technology

What is mod_perl?

Mod_perl is an optional module for the Apache HTTP server. It embeds a Perl interpreter into the Apache server. In addition to allowing Apache modules to be written in the Perl programming language, it allows the Apache web server to be dynamically configured by Perl programs.

What websites use mod_perl?


2021-06-10 05:49:25.549989+00:00

Built with Apache, Fedora, Google Analytics, Hammer js, jQuery, mod_perl, OpenSSL, Perl.

Read more about aabridal.com


2021-02-22 23:05:04.054004+00:00

Built with Apache, Debian, Let's Encrypt, mod_perl, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, Perl.

Read more about aaronlisa.deadjournal.com


2021-02-22 23:05:13.218892+00:00

Built with Apache, Google Analytics, mod_perl, Perl, UNIX.

Read more about aaronlisa.insanejournal.com


2020-12-25 08:26:40.132429+00:00

Built with Apache, FreeBSD, mod_perl, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, Perl, PHP, Sectigo.

Read more about abbygirlz.com


2020-11-10 14:43:29.567803+00:00

Built with Apache, mod_perl, OpenSSL, Perl, Ubuntu.

Read more about abdallah.hiof.no


2020-11-04 19:50:23.291873+00:00

Built with Apache, Google Analytics, jQuery, jQuery UI, mod_dav, mod_perl, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, Perl, PHP, UNIX.

Read more about abiesweb.cantabria.es

Alternatives to mod_perl

  1. Google PageSpeed
  2. mod_auth_pam
  3. mod_dav
  4. mod_fastcgi
  5. mod_jk
  6. mod_python
  7. mod_rack
  8. mod_rails
  9. mod_ssl
  10. mod_wsgi
  11. OpenSSL
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