Who is using Segment? Alphabetical list of websites using Segment technology

What is Segment?

Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data.

What websites use Segment?


2021-04-15 07:18:03.764325+00:00

Built with Babel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, jQuery, jQuery UI, Nginx, parcel, PHP, reCAPTCHA, Segment, Select2, Yandex Metrica.

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2020-10-24 12:32:31.327686+00:00

Built with Cloudflare, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Workspace, Heap, Hotjar, jQuery, OneTrust, Segment, Varnish, Webflow.

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Alternatives to Segment

  1. Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service
  2. BlueConic
  3. Cooladata
  4. Emarsys
  5. Exponea
  6. FirstHive
  7. Insider
  8. Listrak
  9. Lytics
  10. mParticle
  11. Ometria
  12. Optimove
  13. PriceSpider
  14. SALESmanago
  15. Salesforce Audience Studio
  16. Simon
  17. Sirdata
  18. Sub2Tech
  19. Tail
  20. Tealium
  21. Totango
  22. Treasure Data
  23. Zeotap
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